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Uses of NamedEntityExplanation in ca.uottawa.balie

Methods in ca.uottawa.balie with parameters of type NamedEntityExplanation
 void NamedEntityType.AddType(NamedEntityTypeEnumI pi_Type, NamedEntityExplanation pi_Info)
          Add a primitive type to this entity type (e.g. add LOCATION) An entity can have multiple types
 NamedEntityType NamedEntityType.clone(NamedEntityExplanation pi_Info)
static NamedEntityType NamedEntityType.Intersection(NamedEntityType pi_NE1, NamedEntityType pi_NE2, NamedEntityExplanation pi_Info)
          Returns a entity that is the intersection of the two parameters
 void NamedEntityType.KeepOnly(NamedEntityType pi_NE, NamedEntityExplanation pi_Info)
          Keeps only the primitive types whose correspond to a type in the parameter entity Equivalent to bitwise AND
 void NamedEntityType.MergeWith(NamedEntityType pi_NE, NamedEntityExplanation pi_Info)
          Merge primitive type of current and parameter entity Equivalent to bitwise OR
 void NamedEntityType.RemoveType(NamedEntityTypeEnumI pi_Type, NamedEntityExplanation pi_Info)
          Remove a primitive type from this entity Succeed even if this entity do not have this type

Constructors in ca.uottawa.balie with parameters of type NamedEntityExplanation
NamedEntityType(int pi_TagSetSize, NamedEntityExplanation pi_Info)
          Construct a new, empty, entity type
NamedEntityType(NamedEntityTypeEnumI pi_Type, int pi_TagSetSize, NamedEntityExplanation pi_Info)
          Construct a new entity type and set its type to a primitive