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Uses of PunctLookup in ca.uottawa.balie

Methods in ca.uottawa.balie with parameters of type PunctLookup
static java.lang.String Canonizer.CanonForm(java.lang.String pi_Raw, int pi_Rules, PunctLookup pi_PunctLookup, LigatureLookup pi_LigatureLookup, AccentLookup pi_AccentLookup)
          Transforms a word in its canon version.

Constructors in ca.uottawa.balie with parameters of type PunctLookup
Token(java.lang.String pi_RawLiteral, java.lang.String pi_CanonLiteral, int pi_Type, PunctLookup pi_PunctLookup, AccentLookup pi_AccentLookup, int pi_Position, int pi_Sentence, int pi_NumWhiteBefore, int pi_NextStart, int pi_NETagSetSize)
          Creates a new token with all the required information.
TokenFeature(java.lang.String pi_RawToken, PunctLookup pi_PunctLookup)
          Construct features for a token