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Packages that use TokenList

Uses of TokenList in ca.uottawa.balie

Methods in ca.uottawa.balie that return TokenList
 TokenList Tokenizer.GetTokenList()
          Gets the TokenList.
 TokenList NamedEntityRecognition.GetTokenList()
          Get the resulting tokenlist.
static TokenList DebugInfo.LoadTokenList(java.lang.String pi_FileName)
          Loads a TokenList from disk.

Methods in ca.uottawa.balie with parameters of type TokenList
static void DebugInfo.SaveTokenList(TokenList pi_TokenList, java.lang.String pi_FileName)
          Saves a TokenList to disk (for unit testing).

Constructors in ca.uottawa.balie with parameters of type TokenList
NamedEntityRecognition(LexiconOnDiskI pi_Lexicon, TokenList pi_TokenList)
          Initialize NER on a tokenlist.
NamedEntityRecognitionBase(LexiconOnDiskI pi_Lexicon, TokenList pi_TokenList)
          Initialize Base NER on a tokenlist.
NamedEntityRecognitionNerf(TokenList pi_TokenList, LexiconOnDiskI pi_Lexicon, DisambiguationRulesI pi_Rules, NamedEntityTypeEnumI[] pi_Mapping, boolean pi_FullDebug)