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Uses of WekaLearner in ca.uottawa.balie

Methods in ca.uottawa.balie that return WekaLearner
static WekaLearner SentenceBoundariesRecognition.GetModel()
          Gets the learned model for SBR.
static WekaLearner WekaPersistance.Load(java.lang.String pi_FileName)
          Loads a model from disk.
static WekaLearner WekaPersistance.LoadAbs(java.lang.String pi_FileName)

Methods in ca.uottawa.balie with parameters of type WekaLearner
 boolean TokenList.Add(Token pi_Token, SentenceBoundariesRecognition pi_SBR, WekaLearner pi_SBRModel)
          Add a token a the end of the TokenList.
 boolean SentenceBoundariesRecognition.IsSentenceBoundary(WekaLearner pi_Model, Token pi_SentenceBeginning, Token pi_LastToken, Token pi_CurrentToken, Token pi_NextToken)
          Check if a given token sequence is a sentence break (located after the "current" token)
static void WekaPersistance.PrintToArffFile(WekaLearner pi_wl, java.lang.String pi_filename, int pi_Set)
          Write an .arff file to disk
static void WekaPersistance.Save(WekaLearner pi_Model, java.lang.String pi_FileName)
          Saves a model to disk.